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Who should add entries to the directory?

Any teaching artist, college or arts centre in Europe (sorry, not Asia, Africa, Australia, America) wishing to promote their practical art classes, workshops or painting holidays.

What kinds of courses are excluded?

For the present, the directory will not accept theory courses such as art history, or full-time courses such as degree courses.

If a college hosts courses by several different teachers, who should submit the entry?

Normally the college, especially if bookings and enquiries should go through the college. If you are a teacher, you may want to bring this website to the notice of the course administrators.

What if I teach at several different venues?

Since the directory entries are venue-based, you will need to submit one entry for each venue (unless two venues are geographically so close that you can treat them as one).

What if I already have a website?  And what if I don't?

We can create an entry for you whether or not you have your own website.
If you already have your own website, a link from your directory entry will lead visitors directly to your website.
If you don't have your own website, we can, at a modest cost, host a simple web page for you within our site - ask us for details! Or you can simply have an entry with your contact details, but no link to any website.

How much will it cost?

New users only will automatically benefit from our free 3-month trial. If you choose to continue after the trial period, the rates - pre-paid and fully inclusive - are (from September 2015):

  First venue (1-4 subjects) First venue (5 or more subjects) Each additional venue
1-year insertion: £59.00 £74.00 £20.00

When should I apply?

At any time. We normally create a draft entry for you within a few days. When you have checked this and given us the go-ahead, we will transfer it to the main directory.

How do I apply?


What should I write in the 30-word 'free text' area?

Be brief! There is an absolute limit of 252 characters - i.e. 252 including all spaces and punctuation marks. Avoid duplicating information which will appear elsewhere in the entry: contact details, length of course, level, minimum age.

Do consider mentioning: teaching style, techniques involved, materials required/provided, course fees, meals/accommodation, setting and sites of local interest, disability access, (residential courses:) suitability for non-participating partners, etc.

Will the information I provide be 'sold on' to third parties?

No. The details you provide will be stored in our database but will only be made accessible in the form of the Artcourses.co.uk directory web pages.

How do I contact Finedyne Artcourses?

by e-mail (type out the address in the box):      or phone 8115 841 8685

by phone, 0115 841 8685

by post: Finedyne Artcourses, 176 Rolleston Drive, Nottingham NG7 1LA

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